My passion is to empower leaders like you to both BE and MAKE the change you want for yourself and others.

I have selected one module from each of my signature and premium programmes for you to choose from. They are educational, fun and informative. Select from Creating a Culture of Care, Levelled-Up Leadership, Self-Leadership for Leaders, Developing Learner Agency and Developing Team Culture. 

Women in Leadership

Are you a Woman in Leadership?

During 2019 Women in Leadership brings you a collection of empowering workshops, webinars and retreats for women who are ready to step up more into her authentic leadership. 

Developing Learner Agency

Designed to support professional teachers like yourself, the Developing Learner Agency After School Series will guide you in developing learner agency within your classroom to encourage responsive and connected students and teachers alike.  

Levelled-Up Leaders

Are your middle leaders expert practitioners, yet struggle when it comes to people-leadership?

Levelled-up Leadership is a programme focused on moving middle leaders from being Expert-Practitioners to becoming People-Enablers. 

Wellbeing at Work

We can't leave our wellbeing to chance.

The time has come to place some energy into our wellbeing, both personally, as teams and across organisations.

Dare to live the life you want, to be the person you know you can be.

It is time. Time to shed the shackles. Time to move through past hurts and events. Time to learn new ways of being. Time to re-imagine a new reality. Time to take control of your life and destiny

I'm not the norm. Sassy, authentically real with a deeply positive perspective. 

My speaking gigs are full of passion, education and funny. 


Meet Mary-Anne

I'm sassy, passionate, educated and experienced in supporting you to becoming an empowered leader. 



I'm a writer too. Writing a weekly blog post that goes out to hundreds each week. 


Mary-Anne Moments

Listen to podcasts and read articles that I've written that are spaced out over the internet. 

Your support in developing a high performing leadership team is fabulous and reaping positive results.
— Principal, Auckland.
Challenging and deep. Practical and very useful. Thankyou for the wonderful four sessions!
— Learning Network
Mary-Anne was a very engaging presenter – voice, visual and practical solutions! – knows her stuff. Very relevant topic – helpful.
— Learning Network

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