Thought Leaders please apply!

2015-07-21 09.06.08.jpg

Iconoclasts, Disrupters, Square pegs, Outliers; there are many names for people who challenge the status quo; the people who are not happy to go along with things because that's the way it's always been done. Not to be mistaken for the nay-sayers who will challenge without offering alternatives; the ones who stall progress…These people are optimists; they look for alternatives, they believe in collective energy to reach a destination, they are the people who are striving to continually improve. Most importantly these people are the thinkers, the people who ask the "what if?" and "why?" questions and are prepared to follow up with investigation and research. They are not happy to take a model from another school/centre and implant (or colonise) it into their own context. They will begin by asking the big questions themselves; ensuring they are clear on who they are and what they believe. They will embrace due diligence to ensure pathways chosen are founded in deep thought, research and dialogue.

So who are the Thought Leaders within your context? Maybe they don't hold a recognised position of leadership. Maybe they are those people who will raise an idea and table alternative solutions. Or maybe they are the people who read, discuss and research into different ideas.
What is your perception of them? To what extent are you investing in them?

Take a quiet look around; then cast your vision inside... Who are they… Are you among them?