Agency through Negotiated Choice - more than a menu of options.

A key part of  developing Learner Agency is through Negotiated Choice. 

Negotiated Choice involves giving learners gradually raised choice in a variety of aspects of their learning; be it curriculum design, content design, means of accessing and showing their learning and modes of assessment.  This can be done through informal and more formal structures such as a Daily 5 approach.

The questions we need to ask ourselves with any approach are:

  • To what extent are our learners an integral part of the selection of the choices; or are they merely continually selecting from teacher pre-determined options?
  • How are you enabling your students to move towards more agency through choice?

We need to consider the pathway towards Learner Agency as a continuum. Learners need to develop capabilities to be able to lead their own learning. This requires shared leadership where the shift of locus of control moves from teacher-centered to student driven. The continuum below provides an overview of this process.

So as you plan for the year ahead, take time to consider how you are building authentic Learner Agency through Negotiated Choice into your practice.