Middle leadership: Put the mask on yourself first.

On my way overseas a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of viewing Air NZ's latest safety briefing video. Part of that briefing included a message about placing the air-mask over your face before anyone else's. This may sound harsh; particularly if there is a loved one beside you, but we know it is wise information.

As middle leaders, you may be constantly serving and empowering others. Maybe you are left shattered at the end of the week, with nothing left in the tank to give to your family or friends. Perhaps you are trying to do it all, or uncertain how to draw the best out of others so you can utilise everyone's strengths.  

Leadership is not only in the doing; but in the Being; you need to invest in both.

Ways of exploring and developing your way of Being as middle leaders may include:

  • Understanding how emotions shape your thoughts and actions to gain greater control over your behaviour.
  • Understanding how your different personality traits influence the way you work and how you might bring the best out in those around you.
  • Exploring your strengths to identify what you naturally do best, then utilising the strengths of others to lead effectively and efficiently.
  • Exploring how to be mindful both in your work and private life.

So what are you doing to put the air-mask on your own face? How are you developing your Human-Being?

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