Can-it...just Do-it!!

Are the words "I can't ...because..." in your vocabulary? 
Are you placing barriers up even before you have contemplated the possibilities of "The 'Can'?"
Are you setting yourself up for playing-small even before you have had a chance to even explore the possibilities of "What-if?"

We all have a life-purpose; something that we are born to pursue and do. It may not seem what we first think it is. Take for example an engineer within a workshop. Yes, they work hard and may do a fabulous job, but the real essence of who they are and what they have to offer is not necessarily this. They may in fact possess innovative design skill. They may be able to picture something in their mind and craft a work of art through their welding. Alongside this, they may possess the most amazing people-skills that see them interacting with clients and work-mates from all walks of life and ages. They are able to communicate with anyone, and are attuned to their needs, yet confident in their own self-knowing. These are the transferrable skills that no matter what we do they shine through. 

Too often I see people confining themselves into role-types. "Ohhh I'm an architect.." or "I'm a teacher..." . Yes, that may be your current profession; but what are the specific skills that you excel-in within those roles? These are your transferrable skills. They are the skills that when you consider all the jobs you have had, have been the constant in what has given you that something different or extra. 

So what are your specially-branded skills? What do you particularly bring to the table that defines you? Maybe there are skills that you are not currently getting the opportunity to utilise?...How are you going to honour these?

Are you going to stop sleep-walking through life? Are you going to stop allowing others to make decisions for your destiny? 
Or are you going to take control? Have the conversation? Ask the question? See yourself differently? Answer that nagging voice in your heart? And acknowledge and live in accordance to your innate gifts? 

Are you living a life embracing your authentic self and the gifts you have to offer? If not, when is it going to happen?