Happy holiday "break"


As the final week of the term comes to a close, teachers and school leaders everywhere are crawling to the finish-line dreaming of sleep-ins and down-time.

As many of you know, it is often when you stop to take stock that the dreaded illnesses take hold. Every bug the children have had over the past term seems to take refuge in your body, striking you down for the better part of a week.

After forced rest, you manage to rise from your death-bed, now ready for your holiday. Phone calls are made, messages are written and you begin to connect with long-lost friends (also known as “holiday friends” because that’s the only time you ever get to see them!). Staying up late on a school-night feels devilishly grown-up and you begin to wonder what it might be like in the “real-world” of work where people actually get to do this and don’t have to face 30+ children the next day.

Exercise also begins to re-enter your daily routine, and you vow and declare that you will continue this habit when school returns… but secretly you know this has become a scratched record that never plays-out.

The latter part of the second week of the holidays comes about. School re-enters your thoughts. You begin to wade-through the pile of work from the previous term that you never got a chance to do. Once those decks are cleared you begin planning for the upcoming term. Days are spent in your classroom rearranging furniture, sorting resources and in meetings. In between times you sneak into two-dollar shops to spend your  hard-earned money on purchasing stationery and resources for your class.

The next term comes about and you look back with longing, wondering where your holiday “break” went.

Go-easy on yourselves this holiday break. Nurture your spirit. Connect with others. Fill your cup. It is time for you!