From time-to-time things can become difficult as a leader. Different situations and occurrences can arise that leave us feeling less than courageous. 

Sometimes as leaders things can happen from left-field and rallying-the-team as well as rallying ourselves can be energy-draining. Through times of adversity we need to dig-deep into our inner strength and that of our team to get-through.

When approaching a trial-some time we have a choice; do we cave-in and become helpless and crushed, or do we look for the opportunities of learning within the occurrence and become courageous leaders?  

The incredible Friedrich Nietzsche stated: "To live is to suffer. To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering". I also think that to thrive is to take the meaning and transform it into a new more powerful force or outcome. If during these times we are also able to acknowledge and utilise the beautiful strengths from our team to collectively navigate a situation, we are left stronger and more cohesive than before. Nothing can overcome us if we don't let it.

Within educative circles we hear a lot about 'resiliency'. As leaders I believe we need more than resiliency or the ability to bounce-back from something quickly. We need to be able to bound-forward; to be courageous leaders and encourage others to do so as well. The diagram below outlines the differing levels we may find ourselves or our staff in during testing-times.

To navigate through this we need three things: Awareness, deliberate Actions and specific Assistance. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.42.01 AM.png

It's not about going-it-alone and putting on a brave-face during tough-times. So consider the strengths of your team, what gold will come-out when you collectively 'dig-deep'? Who else can support you on the journey? 
You've got this...together. :-)