L-Plate mindedness

Life is about learning. If we consider that we know it all, we have stopped learning.

As Leaders we must continuously be open to learning. I like to call this having an L-Plate mindedness. 

As an L-Plate driver you are always alert to your environment. You are conscious of the changes you need to make and when. You are not cocky nor are you too relaxed; you are strong yet ready to flex. You are open to feedback and are always looking for ways of improvement.

In 1981, Rosemarie Rizzo Parse first published the "Man-living-health" theory, which then became the "human becoming theory" in 1992. The idea behind this was that rather than being "human-beings", we are "human's becoming" - there is no end-state... it is all learning. 

In the context of driving, we would never say we were a good driver. Instead we would say we are a driver getting better. 

This coming week I encourage you have a mindfulness around what plate you are wearing. How does this affect the relationships you have and the flow of your work? 

Have fun with it!