Tough times? Call-on your emotional wellbeing reservoir.

emotional reservoir pic.jpg

It’s that time of the year when our energy sources may be running a little low. Juggling demands of pre-xmas deadlines and expectations, whilst still ‘showing-up’ each day can leave us feeling drained. It is during these times that we need to dig deep into our emotional wellbeing reservoir.

This has been something I have had to do recently. After a period of heavy work demands and lots of travel, I had become tired. I then experienced online abuse of power from someone I had trusted and admired. That same night, a couple of people tried to break into my house whilst I was sleeping, waking and scaring the living daylights out of me. It seemed the universe had decided ‘violation’ was the theme of the day.

After a few tears, a brief period of self-doubt, and a lot of talking with trusted people, I managed to pull myself out of my funk. Below are two strategies I used:

  1. I thought back to times when I showed true grit and determination. I recalled how I got through when I lost everything I owned. I thought back on my emotional resilience after I experienced awareness during a tibial rodding operation. I also recalled my determination during the tough parts on the trek to Everest Base Camp. These were times when I had to dig deep to get through, and it was these times that helped build my emotional resilience reservoir that I now needed to call on.

  2. I adopted a mindset of empathy and compassion. I considered that maybe the people concerned were going through a tough time. Maybe money was tight, and one way of gaining it was to break-in and steal. Maybe things weren’t good in their world and they were vocalising in a hurtful way.

As you head into this time of year when demands are high and energy levels can get a little low, call-on your emotional wellbeing reservoir. Think back to the qualities you showed that supported you to get through tough-times. Dial them up, and anchor deeply into them. Furthermore, rather than take a stance of anger or hurt, turn it around to one of empathy and compassion.

Finally, amazing people… know that you’ve got this.

Kia kaha and arohanui

Mary-Anne :-)