Change Leadership: 'Resistant' or just 'Un-resourceful'?


Leading change is both challenging and rewarding. There are many elements to consider and 'levers' to pull, in what can be like a symphony of timing. The 'People-part' of leading change is a large and often complex element to navigate. 

Early-adopters, First followers, Fence-sitters and Resisters are terms often heard used in-relation-to different groups of people within a change process. Each of these terms are stated from a leader-perspective, and one's that may not be the reality; particularly for those who are labelled as 'change resistant'. 

There is a saying within the field of NeuroLinguistic Programming that has huge implications for how we view people when leading change.

People do the best they can with the resources they have.

What if those who were viewed as 'resistant' were in actual fact lacking the resources they needed to be able to take-on the change?

The resources lacking may be:

  • a resourceful mindset 
  • physical resources
  • time resource
  • professional learning resource
  • an understanding of the 'why?'

How would we approach change-planning, professional learning and leadership if there was a belief that people do the best with what they have?

Furthermore, what resources do change-leaders need in order to lead from a space of resourcefulness, as opposed to a place or state of deficit or distrust?

I will leave you to ponder this.

In the meantime...

Go be amazing this week!