Why wait to say "Thank you"?

One of our greatest athletes Yvette Corlett (nee Williams) was given a dame-hood ten days prior to her death, aged 89.

Yvette Corlett (nee Williams), pictured in 2002 with her 1952 Helsinki Games gold medal.

Yvette Corlett (nee Williams), pictured in 2002 with her 1952 Helsinki Games gold medal.

Yvette Williams was New Zealand’s first ever female Olympic gold medal winners and is widely regarded as one of New Zealand’s greatest ever athletes.

“The Dunedin-born athlete wrote her name into New Zealand's Olympic history books when she won a gold medal for long jump at the 1952 Helsinki games, becoming our first female Olympic champion.

She also had four Commonwealth Games gold medals to her name, winning the 1950 long jump gold in Auckland - a title she defended four years later in Vancouver while also winning the discus and shot put.

In 1990, she became one of the first people inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame - officially recognised as one of New Zealand sport's original trailblazers” (Stuff)

Whilst her family says she was humbled to receive the award, it also brings questions about how and when we say “Thank you”.

There are many people in our lives who make an impact. In this day of keyboard warriors, people are quick to fault-find and look for ‘weakness’. But how many of us actually take the time to say “Thank-you”?

  • Who are those people who have made a difference to your life? Have you thanked them…directly?

  • Who saw something in you before you saw it in yourself?

  • Who ‘went into bat’ for you when you needed support?

  • Who put you forward over themselves?

  • Who shared their thinking, so that you might extend it?

These are the people-builders, the people-polishers and unfortunately the often unsung heroes in our world.

This week take some time to reflect and then pick up a phone, go for a visit, or write that email to say "Thanks". You'll make someone’s day... as well as your own.

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