Let's dis-connect to re-connect.

As humans we have so much to learn from the natural world.

To take our shoes off and connect with it's vibration. To stop and watch with wonderment and to learn from it's messages.

We are destroying the beauty and wisdom of the natural world with our ego and thirst for 'development at all costs'.

We have children in front of screens watching videos about nature, when they could be exploring it.

We have people so disconnected from themselves that they no longer know who they are.

We are in a constant rush with no time to look around us.

We are glued to devices that were supposed to aide communication, but instead see people sitting side by side in non-communication.

We see people so engrossed in ego and one-upmanship that they create ripples of disharmony around them.

How often are we disconnecting in order to reconnect?

When was the last time you stopped, looked and just noticed the natural beauty around you?

As Viktor Frankl said, we all have choice, even in the most dire of circumstances.

What choices are you making?

How are they serving you?

How are they serving those around you?

How are they serving the world around you?

A photo from my safari in Tanzania ahead of my hikoi up Kilimanjaro. Isn't she beautiful?!

Lets disconnect to reconnect.jpg

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