Creating a Culture of Care

The time has come to be strategically proactive about

fostering a culture of care within your organisation!

Where is your organisation placed? 

Staff wellbeing is low to non-existent. There is little to no support from within the organisation. Staff are broken-down, unable to cope with the pressures of their work, are having to take extended leave, and relations between staff are emotive and at points broken. Organisational culture is toxic. 
Staff wellbeing is poor. There are raised absences, emotions are running high, staff are running on empty. There is limited wellbeing support offered to staff. Organisational culture is fractured. 
There are some wellbeing initiatives in place, but mostly disconnected and without an overall strategy. Staff are finding their own means of maintaining their wellbeing and are having to battle-on regardless. Organisational culture is in a state of survival. 
There are wellbeing initiatives in place, with some inter-connectedness. Staff are resilient and able to bounce-back from most challenges. Organisational culture is positive. 
There is comprehensive strategic approach to wellbeing. A variety of internal and external supports are in-place to support staff wellbeing.  
Staff are bounding-forward from challenges. 
Organisational culture is thriving.  


What’s not working

•    Offering mindfulness classes for staff won't necessarily work if the cause of their stress is excessive workload and a lack of time.  
•    Trying to build culture by having staff events may flop if they are too tired to stay up beyond 8.30pm.  
•    Having gratitude times at staff meetings may become contrived when staff relationships have become frayed.

What does work

Moving forward requires a comprehensive, strategic approach. 

Invest time to canvas your people, whilst also looking both deeply and widely at systems, structures, and your organisational culture in order to identify areas of potential pain and gain.  
Plan a strategic approach that ensures identified actions are embedded and sustained. Create a culture of care where people are supported to build and maintain their wellbeing through personalised support.  Optimise internal strengths and networks to build internal capacity and utilise external support as required. 
Review staff, systems, structures, and organisational culture to determine value-added and areas for further development. 


Don't leave staff wellbeing to chance.

It is time to get strategically proactive.


The programme is offered at three levels

Bronze: For schools who have the internal expertise and capacity to bring-about the change they plan for. They already have some initiatives in-place, a strong and active community and support service connections. 
Silver: For schools who have some internal expertise and capacity to bring-about the change they plan for. They already have some surface-level wellbeing initiatives in-place. 
Community and support service connections are in pockets, with limited connection. 
Gold: For schools who have little internal expertise and capacity to bring-about the change they plan for. They have zero-limited wellbeing initiatives or strategy in place. Community and support-service connections are limited and disconnected. 


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