Developing Learner Agency

What would happen if learning and teaching in your school or CoL was more responsive, connected and passion-based?

How might it be if you were able to have quality learning conversations on a regular basis?

What would it mean to classroom practice if you could layer professional learning over time so it was embedded and sustained?

Designed to support school leaders and teachers, the Developing Learner Agency programme will guide you in developing learner agency within your school/CoL to encourage responsive and connected students and teachers alike.

Topics include

  • Creating responsive, relevant and integrated contexts for rich learning.

  • Learning to Learn - building learning capacity.

  • Assessment FOR and AS Learning in Action

  • Personalising learning using a workshopping approach and Developing Negotiated Choice within the classroom.

  • Blended use of technologies for personalised learning.

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Read more about the Developing Learner Agency programme here.