In this new millennium leaders can no longer just rely on their management skills to affect change. Gone are the days of “control and command” as the leading mechanisms to achieve change. The shifting dynamics of human beings over the centuries have created a different way of being, which requires a different style of leadership. Martyn Newman supports this notion identifying that “A new and more critical asset to bottom line performance has emerged - Emotional Capital” (2007, p. 1).

21st century leaders need to have a ‘Strong back, Soft front’. Having a strong inner pou, they are able to lead with self-awareness, a deep sense of purpose and an open-to-learning mindset. Leading others, they are able to have the difficult conversations, form strong relationships and lead change that is embraced, embedded and sustained.

Newman, M. (2007). Emotional Capitalists: The ultimate guide to developing emotional intelligence for leaders. RocheMartin.

Emotional Intelligence for Leadership


Never before has the education profession seen a more critical time to invest in our own wellbeing; particularly our emotional wellbeing. With educationalists showing signs of PTSD, high rates of burnout and re-thinking their commitment to the profession, the time is now to invest in maintaining your emotional equilibrium. We hear the work 'Resiliency' a lot, but it is only one part of the emotional competencies we need to develop. The varying demands of our roles require emotional agility, inner strength and deep relational skills, to name a few. Emotional intelligence is the skill of the future of leadership.

As Roche Martin's Emotional Intelligence Trainer for NZ, Mary-Anne will support your use of dynamic emotional capital tools for leadership, so you can explore your individual strengths, areas for development and practical strategies you can use for growth.

Become a Certified Emotional Capital Trainer, Assessor and Coach for your organisation.

3 days

A Two-Day Workshop to equip you with the qualification and skills to deliver the world’s most advanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tools – the Emotional Capital Reports – ECR, ECR 360 and ECR Selection.

Become an expert in emotional intelligence and learn the skills to interpret and deliver ECR and ECR 360 feedback along with practical coaching strategies to help individuals develop their EQ.

Continue to the next level with a One-Day skills-based Train-the-Trainer programme qualifying you to deliver RocheMartin’s acclaimed Emotional Capital Workshop to organisations.


• The best selling book ‘Emotional Capitalists - The Ultimate Guide for Developing Emotional Intelligence for Leaders.

• The ECR & ECR 360 Technical Manual detailing the rigorous scientific development of the ECR.

• Emotional Intelligence Certification Workbook providing detailed information on the use of the ECR & ECR 360

• An ECR Self to assess your own emotional intelligence.

• An ECR 360 to use with a client for hands-on experience in delivering an ECR debrief.

• A box of Emotional Capital Workshop Cards for use with clients to explore the specific building blocks that underpin the skills of emotional intelligence.

• An Emotional Capital Workshop Workbook used to deliver structured workshops to professional groups within organisations.

• Earn internationally recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.