Are you sick of being spoken 'at'?  
Do you feel as though you are being judged?
Maybe you would rather go to the dentist than attend professional learning?

It needn't be the case.
I am a highly experienced facilitator who brings an infectious passion and inclusive people-skills to my work. Known for my research-based, yet practical and innovative approach, I utilise a mix of leading as well as empowering others to ensure deep, sustained change. 

Taster sessions

I have selected one module from each of my signature programmes for you to choose from. They are educational, fun and informative. Select from

  • Creating a Culture of Care

  • Levelled-Up Leadership

  • Developing Learner Agency

  • Self Leadership

  • Developing Team Culture

Signature Programmes

Developing young leaders through Learner Agency

Designed to support schools towards student-centered approaches, the Developing Learner Agency programme operates on a strategic and classroom level to encourage responsive and connected students and teachers alike.  

Levelled-Up Leadership for Aspiring/Middle/CoL Leaders

The 2018 Educational Leadership Capability Framework (NZCER) outlines key capabilities for future-focused leaders.

Levelled-Up Leadership supports aspiring, new or current educational leaders to reflect-upon their practice and actively apply key strategies taught to support their development.  

Leading Wellbeing at Work

We can't leave our wellbeing to chance.

The time has come to place some energy into our wellbeing, both personally, as teams and across organisations.

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Emotional Intelligence is the secret sauce of leadership.

When leaders are able to show self-leadership, they are then able to lead from a place of awareness, understanding and resilience. They are then able to lead change that ‘sticks’, have the difficult conversations, and build high performing teams.

Women in Leadership 2019 Events

During 2019 Women in Leadership brings you a collection of empowering workshops, webinars and retreats for women who are ready to step up more into her authentic leadership.  

All human beings are born with unique gifts. The healthy functioning of our community depends on it’s capacity to develop each gift.
— Peter Senge, 'The Learning School.'

What I've Achieved

  • Primary School Principal

  • Kahui Ako Expert Partner and MOE Facilitator

  • Assessment for Learning facilitator Waikato University

  • Learning Network Auckland facilitator

  • Facilitated programmes at many individual schools throughout New Zealand

  • Secondary HOD and PLD leader

  • Tertiary Learning and Development leader

  • Specialist topics include Leadership, Strategic planning, Modern/Innovative Learning practices, curriculum design, eLearning, Assessment practices and Literacy development

  • National Literacy and Assessment Facilitator CORE Education