Need a Taster

You know you want something but not sure what. I have selected one module from each of my signature and premium programmes for you to choose from. 

Taster sessions are 2.5hrs in duration.


Developing Learner Agency Taster

Do you want teachers to give their learners more ownership within the learning process?

Focusing on leading learner-centered practice, this taster session, will step you through an implementation process for developing deep learner-centered practice across your team/school, with key deliberate acts of leadership needed for each part of the change process.


Levelled-Up Leadership Taster

Promote a growth culture in your organisation by touching-on key elements of leadership during this taster session with me. 

Select two key elements of leadership from the four below to make your taster customised to your organisation's needs. 

  • Myself as a leader
  • Building trust
  • Change and how it effects people
  • Setting and maintaining expectations

Creating a Culture of Care Taster

In 2016 NZEI commissioned a study on Principal and Teacher wellbeing. The following data was one response from teachers.


We cannot leave Wellbeing to chance. It requires a systemic review and strategic approach.

Through this taster session you will look at how you might do the following with your school community:

  • Schoolwide Wellbeing review at both a people and systems level 
  • Facilitate the development of a Wellbeing policy, procedures, strategic and twelve month development plan.

Self-Leadership Taster

"The primary instrument for leaders is the self. 
That's all leaders have to work with. 
It's not going to be code written by some brilliant programmer, apps on a smartphone, or clever phrases of a speechwriter that are going to make people better leaders. 
What leaders do with themselves makes the most difference. 
Mastery of the art of leadership comes from the mastery of the self. 
Ultimately, you will see, leadership development is self-development". 

(Kouzes & Posner, 2016, p. 59)

Through this taster session, we will utilise emotional capital and personality profiling tools to support you to understanding how you perceive yourself and how that impacts how you lead others.


Developing Team Culture Taster

Determine how best to utilise your strengths to develop a rocking team culture.

In this taster we will explore your personality profiles to understand how they impact how you work with each other.