Is it time to get real? To reach beyond the 'same',
to get deep, real and gritty?

 Are you sick of 'the-same-ole' repackaged in a different way with a pretty-coloured bow?

It's time to get real, to get authentic, to move forward with a new lens... to push boundaries.

I'm not the norm. I'm sassy, authentically real and haves a deeply positive perspective. Bringing extensive life and leadership experience to my speaking events that will educate, motivate and provocate. 

Why get what you've always got, when you can dare to be disrupted, delighted and deeply moved?

Speaking events can be tailored to suit the context.

Keynote topics include

  • Leading Myself: Keeping the 'Well' in my 'Being'

  • Emotional Intelligence: The secret-sauce of leadership.

Workshop topics include

  • Sharing the love: Love Languages at Work.

  • Treasure Hunting: Optimising our Character Strengths at Work.

  • Story-time! Using a 'Story-hui' approach to hear journeys of progress..

  • The power of Alignment: Using our multiple brains (Head, Heart and Gut) at work.

  • Our words are our world: The art of 'reading' between the words.

  • People-centric problem-solving: Using a human-centered design thinking process to support wellbeing.

  • What's your platform? Identifying and living into our values.

  • Choosing courage over comfort: tactful communication during conflict.

  • Going deep: Building and maintaining a high trust culture.

  • Self leadership: Creating a "strong back and soft front"

  • Leading a project: 'the prize', 'the people', and 'the process'

  • 'Meat in the sandwich': navigating the middle leader role.

No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. We need to see the world anew.
— Albert Einstein

Past speaking events

  • CORE Breakfast Presentations

  • Nga Kura a Iwi o Aotearoa Conference Presentation

  • International Thinking Conference Presentation

  • ULearn Conference Presentations

  • Learning at School Conference Presentation

Contact me to discuss how my deep, real and gritty speaking can empower your event participants. 

And to ensure key learnings are implemented and embedded, why not invite me to follow-up with facilitation and coaching? See here for more information.