Wellbeing at work

We can't leave our wellbeing to chance.

The time has come to place some energy into our wellbeing, both personally, as teams and across organisations.

Rise! Living your best life.

90 mins

In this engaging, informative workshop, Mary-Anne shares her experiences of the effects of chronic and acute stress from her time as a teacher, school leader and national eLearning facilitator.

Bringing her wealth of knowledge as Roche Martin's Emotional Intelligence trainer for New Zealand, multiple coaching qualifications and an intimate understanding of the education sector, Mary-Anne provides participants with tested tips and strategies they can use now to create a happy, healthier life.

Build a thriving team through wellbeing

1 day

Developing personal and collective wellbeing is an important part of building a unified, high performing team. This session explores the relationship between wellbeing and success, and the impact of wellbeing on factors such as team collaboration and work performance. It covers the impact of team dynamics on wellbeing and how to best support individual team members. Given that self awareness and emotional intelligence are critical success factors for high performance teams, the session also includes a personality report for each participant to help them identify strengths and challenge areas, and similarities and differences within the team. Support your team to flourish through wellbeing.

Creating a Culture of Care in the workplace

2 days

Without a caring culture within the workplace, people are left feeling isolated, disgruntled and unwell. This can result in absences, high staff turn-over and a toxic organisational culture.

We cannot leave Wellbeing to chance. It requires a systemic review and strategic approach.

Over the course of this 2-day workshop you will work through and plan for how you might do the following with your school community:

  • School-wide Wellbeing review at both a people and systems level

  • Facilitate the development of a Wellbeing policy, procedures, strategic and twelve month development plan.

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